The Ugg Boot undoubtedly has its origins in rural Australia as a functional footwear design. This is worlds away from today’s highly fashionable footwear that is available in the high streets of the world’s major cities. Here you will learn about where Ugg Boots came from, and how they got their name.

Australia is known worldwide for producing the finest sheep’s wool, and is a nation built literally off of the sheep’s back. Australia is the largest producer of wool in the world, producing around a quarter of the global wool clip at time of writing. In the 1930s wool represented around 70% of Australia’s export of primary produce, and in the same decade the Ugg Boot entered into manufacture.

The origins of the humble Ugg Boot are not all that clear. It is assumed that as they started being manufactured in the 1930s, that they must have been created in the 1920s out of a basic human need. That was clearly a need for warmer feet in the cold southern Australian winters. With the export of wool making Australia a wealthy country, it is simply far too obvious that this sheep skin boot grew from the combination of plentiful skin and fleece supply and cold winters.

Then and now Authentic Ugg Boots are described as being “a boot made of twin faced sheep’s skin with fleece in the middle”. It also seems quite obvious to assume that as the design was most likely thrown together by a couple of farmers with cold feet in rural Australia that the first designs were quite ugly. Hence as an Australian it seems quite obvious that ‘Ugg’ is simply slang for ugly, giving the footwear its well known modern name.

The footwear started its rise to global recognition in the 1960s when another group of men with cold feet chose them for their functionality. This group of men were competitive surfers, and the vehicle for transforming these boots from functional warm footwear, to a globally recognised fashion statement.

The design was now in the sights of marketing companies around the world as a new product for market. Through heavy promotion in the 1990s and 2000s using U.S. celebrities the Ugg Boot started to become known by every fashion conscious female across the U.S and Europe.

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