Being on the cusp of the Retirement Revolution, where baby boomers are becoming an entrepreneurial force “of epic proportions” is as exciting as it it challenging! The time is NOW. Baby Boomers, Retirees and Wanna-be Retired = Unite!

It is not too late to begin what you can become!

I am a proud Boomer after retiring 3 years ago with a satisfying 31 years of corporate Government service. Knowing there was much more than “old fashioned” retirement of naps in front of the TV, I began a love/hate relationship while searching online for a REAL “follow your interests and passions to profit”. Yes the extra income is important but like so many retirees, I wanted to do something worthwhile that is also fun. Once you add “and work from home on MY terms” = things get confusing. With great health, a young spirit, super spouse, and few bills this is truly the time for my treasured “golden years”. BUT… What the heck to do? If you’ve ever felt a “calling”like I did, you know there is something powerful knocking that will not let go of your heart or get out of your head.


With generational challenges, I knew I needed more than the usual “get rich quick” hype I saw everywhere online from “those kids”! Time to stop the limited, structured mentality of a 9to5’er or corporate ceiling. Time to get out of the old job routine. Where is the mindset switch for the average boomer so we can actually enjoy this new entrepreneurial online adventure and social media stuff? After many years of struggle, comparing, waiting for my “AHA” moment, I finally was forced to admit, I had a generational “techie hoop” to jump through! But, how many hoops have we jumped through in our past (and survived)? Here is simply one more!

“Boomers have their backs against the wall”

says Bill Bonner from London. He talks about the “age of thrift” and “cutbacks”. He predicts people will have difficulty finding jobs. We know this is true in America. The mortgage lenders expect peak foreclosures to come in 2011 or 2012. Studies show the history of a housing bubble typically takes prices down for 6 years. But as we know, this is not a typical setback. The fact is the old economy is shattered and gone!

“Baby boomers working longer hours for less”

… Reports a Financial Times headline. It still shocks me how our retirement savings deflated along with the housing bubble! With a delicate Stock Market, solid fortresses falling like dominoes, and retail sales in a slump…who is going to be hiring new workers?

“The lost generation””

Imagine Business Week calling us the “lost generation!” My feathers got a bit ruffled reading this… On the surface, Boomers appear to have little choice. We want to live our cherished dreams but do not want to go back into the 9 to 5 rat race again. “So what to do?” we mumble. The article continued talking about the rough time for young people where the rate is nearly twice that the boomer unemployment level! YIKES! But did you know, the baby boomer generation is THE LARGEST ENTREPRENEURIAL FORCE? Yes, the largest age group is also the most proven and reliable, trusted and tested of all. And now we have the TIME to use those skills.

Boomers join the revolution

It is a new challenge…but isn’t rising to the challenge what brought us this far? What can a retiree do to protect ourselves when we just really want to finally have fun…NOW? While it is true our time-honored skills and strategies still have their place, they must now be combined with more creative thinking, using technology as a base. Boomer-Preneurs now can do what we love and love what we do. Stop and take inventory first. What “floats your boat”? Where do your passions guide you? What could you do all day without thinking about time? Yes, it is another new challenge. Are you ready?

Pat Mora
Founder/Publisher, Boomers With Purpose Unlimited
Co-Founder of TEAM-BoomerPreneurs Group whose heart and vision is nurturing the Everyday Entrepreneur

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