Hair loss is no longer a disease that hits only the elderly at old age. These days, hair loss has grown to become a very common problem that inflicts men and women at the prime of their lives. Healthy men and women are victims of hair loss and celebrities and famous people are not spared either. On the streets, you can see many men and women have rather thin hair these days, and a number of them are bald too. While “the crown of glory” is prized by all, the deprivation of a thick crop of hair is often hurting to many.

A good image is often a coveted asset to many and hence it is not surprising many victims of alopecia turn to the vast array of treatments and options to reduce or even stop hair loss. These options and treatments are not cheap, hence one needs to spend quite a considerable amount, from hundreds of dollars on a treatment that is touted to be effective. To witness results, one would also need to invest in time on the product or treatment and these can range from a minimum of 3 months to a year.

If one has spent the monies and time on a hair loss product and has reaped improvements, the time and monies spent are indeed worthwhile. However, the existence of many balding men and women suggests that many have simply spent their monies and time on these treatments and products in vain! my opinion, there are just so many products and treatments available to choose from and each is touted for its efficacy. I believe a good fight against can only be achieved if each sufferer unite by sharing his or her own hair loss experiences on the products and treatments they use so that others can learn from the success and failure of others. A one- stop resource providing such sharing and learning, advice and tips, forum, latest news is what will be beneficial for all sufferers. Please visit the link below for a good resource and support site.

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