The new Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver is the latest Nike Driver technology to hit the market place and is due out at the end of November 2010. This stunning looking driver is surely going to take the golfing world by storm and is the next generation and upgraded version of the already popular Nike SQ Machspeed Driver.

By taking the art and science of aerodynamics and club head adjustment technology to a whole new level, Nike have managed to produce a driver which is specifically designed for Distance and Control.Ā 

The face of the club head is slightly taller with the SQ Machspeed Black Driver, compared to the previous version, and the crown tapers more quickly, which helps to increase forgiveness. The club head also produces a lower ball flight and a lower spin rate to help generate maximum distance.

The new ‘Total Swing Aerodynamic Design’ in the Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver focuses on maximizing ball speed, which enables golfers to achieve greater distance off of the tee. Nike have achieved this by introducing their new ‘PowerBow’ design and sole diffuser, which help to significantly reduce drag caused by wind resistance.

The Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver also benefits from Nike’s patented STR8-FIT Technology, which gives golfers the ability to adjust the position of the club head so that it perfectly matches the swing style.

There are 8 settings to choose from, ranging from 2 degrees open to 2 degrees closed. So if you are suffering from a slice or hook you can simply change the club head setting to a more closed or open position and neutralize its effects.

The new Nike SQ Machspeed Black Drivers come in two models, both with a 460cc sleek black profile club head and both use the state of the art driver technology introduced by Nike, but one has a square head shape, while the other has a round one.

The square head version offers golfers a little more forgiveness for greater consistency, while the round version offers a little bit more workability for increased shot shaping (ideal for the lower handicap golfers).

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