As I sat on a settee reading Shakespeare one evening in a remote West African united states, I came throughout Polonius’ advice to his son Laertes: ” Neither a borrower nor a Lender be.” And, as I sat cogitating approximately it’s which means, one in all my distant cousins married to a man in that distant u . S . – who turned into numerous years older than me (and have been currently divorced), entered my room. With a wry smile she requested: ” Why is it that, you guys, on every occasion you want sex, you tend to behave like a canine on whose again a clean bone or chicken broth has been poured; and when you acquire orgasm, you tend to overlook your accomplice who equally deserves the identical? In a low guttural growl she added: ” Why is it that, what is right for the goose shouldn’t be similarly excellent for the gander?” Https://

One can imagine what a hungry dog does whilst a bone or chook broth is placed on it’s back. It will become significantly stressed- wanting to get keep of the bone or chicken broth from it is again. For a moment, I neglected her and instead targeting what I were doing. I was then naive about sex – and still lacked a company grip on the policies of the sport, furthermore, I saw her interference as an pointless distraction. As she sat quietly searching on the rose vegetation on top of the piano within the residing room, she murmured: ” These rose flora are as old and as worn-out as the piano itself… ”

I then sensed she changed into about to alternate the topic, I abruptly became inquisitive about what she had to say and, putting away my ebook, I implored her to copy what she had stated previously. To my chagrin, she walked out of the room and slammed the door in the back of her. After she left, the “cognitive wiring” in my mind started to transmit a instead better “voltage” that transformed my whole evening. And, in preference to reconsidering Polonius’ recommendation to his son Laertes, I alternatively found myself in a pensive temper – looking to parent out what this my lovely cousin had stated. Afterall, this were a younger and quite lady who have been married to a marabout (from time to time known as a Mallam in West African parlance). A marabout or Mallam is a Muslim man appeared to be God-fearing and additionally believed to have a terrific expertise approximately Islam. He was an old man who turned into numerous years older than my cousin.

Indeed, they did not proportion some thing in common. Had it been that she were ‘persuaded’ to marry this antique man as is commonly the case in some Muslim societies in Africa? Or had it been that she had been divorced (or did she divorce her husband) due to the fact that her intercourse life turned into abysmal? She did by no means inform me some thing once more. Being in my mid-teenagers, I became taken into consideration too young (by way of African standards) to be allowed to understand ” whether or not snakes do have ears” – an expression generally denoting someone looking to pry into the unknown unnecessarily.

I turned into in a quandary. I could not have asked her approximately the kingdom of her marriage, but in my younger mind, I suspected “intercourse” turned into guilty. What I had no any doubt about was the fact that, my cousin’s husband – that marabout – became as boring and unromantic as a Church mouse!

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