In-band flashing: rare error code (0X0, 0X0) returned – IBM BladeCenter and System x
Affected configurations The gadget may be any of the subsequent IBM servers:  what is 0x0 0x0 error BladeCenter HX5, type 7872, any model BladeCenter HX5, type 7873, any model System x3690 X5, type 7147, any model System x3690 X5, type 7148, any version System x3690 X5, type 7149, any version System x3690 X5, type 7192, any version System x3850 X5, type 7143, any version System x3850 X5, type 7145, any version System x3850 X5, kind 7146, any model System x3850 X5, kind 7191, any model System x3950 X5, type 7145, any model This tip isn't always software specific. This tip isn't option precise. The following machine firmware degree(s) are affected: IMM yuooa7a Solution This is a permanent restriction of the IMM. Future code releases will try to reduce the frequency of the mistake as a lot as possible. Workaround Retry the firmware update. Additional records When some exercises are in progress on the IMM, a postpone may also occur if a file operation is tried. In rare instances, the IMM won't be able to offer status as quickly as the flash purchaser expects, and the error above can be generated. エイリアス番号:MIGR-5087530 ドキュメント ID:HT111808 リリース日:2011年04月28日 最終更新日:2011年04月28日 この情報はお役に立ちましたか? ご意見はサイトの改善に活用いたします。 はいいいえ Lenovo公式SNS 環境への取り組み サステナビリティ(環境や社会と共に)(英語) レノボについて レノボについて プレスリリース レノボの東日本大震災に関する 支援・対応について ソーシャルメディア CSR (企業の社会的責任US) Lenovo オープンソース Investor relations プライバシー

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